Taiwan Fund for Children and Families tracks its water usage to ensure responsible stewardship for the environment


What makes this practice exemplary?

TCFC’s new buildings including their new headquarters were built with environmentally conscious design in mind, highlighting environmental awareness at the organisation. 


The building design included features that maximise natural light and minimised the need for artificial lighting. TFCF also made a conscious effort to use energy-efficient and environmentally friendly equipment, such as air-conditioning units, lighting fixtures, office machines, and a cabinet-style computer room with an environmental control system. In the bathrooms, they installed water-saving devices and used a quick dryer and soluble toilet paper to reduce waste. 


A comparison between the old and new headquarters showed a reduction in emissions for water of 349 kg and a reduction in carbon emissions for electricity of 206,823 kg. In addition, the organisation keeps a comparative analysis of the water consumption between the old and new buildings to understand the savings made. 

What kind of organisation is this good practice useful for?

CSOs looking to advance their accountability towards the environment.

Find out more

To learn more about this Good Practice, visit Taiwan Fund for Children and Families' 2021 Accountability Report by clicking the link below. (page 18-19)