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About Us

Accountable Now is a global membership platform that supports civil society organisations to be more transparent, responsive, impact-focused, and community-led. For more than 15 years, we have been working to shift power, champion equity, and embed dynamic accountability into everyday practices.

Our work focuses on supporting civil society organisations to continuously reflect, learn, and adapt to strengthen or embed new ways of working grounded in processes of inclusive, participatory and meaningful engagement with all stakeholders. It goes beyond monitoring & evaluation, due-diligence and compliance, driving accountability as a process that centres communities’ voices, feedback, and preferences.

Today, our community of members and partners represents a global network of organisations, active in more than 150 countries around the world, working together to transform accountability.

Accountable Now is a member of Accountability Lab’s global translocal network.

Accountability Lab is a global translocal network that makes governance work for people by supporting active citizens, responsible leaders, and accountable institutions. Their goal is a world in which resources are used wisely, decisions benefit everyone fairly, and people lead secure lives. Accountability Lab’s programmatic focus is in three core areas of work: shifting norms and behaviors (campaigns); equipping reformers for collective action (knowledge); and influencing policies, processes and practices (communities).

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform civil society so that the actors involved are dynamically accountable, by opening channels for people’s voices to be heard and so that they are at the core of decision making processes.

Our Vision

We envision a social sector where civil society organisations – national and international-, funders and other key stakeholders who are working to advance world justice and sustainability are dynamically accountable.

Our Values


We are transparent in all our activities and practice an open culture of feedback between staff members regardless of their position and also externally with any other stakeholders of the organisation.


We practice a culture of horizontal hierarchies and responsive decision making internally and externally.


We are respectful of people’s nationality, gender and religious background. We respect and value every person‘s opinion.


We have an open culture of discussing failures and improving our work through continuous learning.


We value the expertise of others and want to establish mutual partnerships with everyone we interact with and break up common power structures.


We are committed to providing an inclusive space for all voices to be equally heard and raised to counter current power structures that privilege some voices over others.

Our Members

The issues facing society are greater than any one organisation can tackle alone. That is why we believe in cross-sectoral, collaboration and working together to address common problems.

Accountable Now is a global membership platform committed to strengthening collaboration to maximise our collective voice and impact. We work with our members, partners, and other champions of accountability to drive transformational change.

Visit our Reporting page to read our member's accountability reports

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Other Organisations We Have Supported

Accountable Now’s members sign onto our 12 Accountability Commitments, publicly committing to embedding a dynamic approach to accountability across all their work in order to go beyond compliance and truly create lasting positive change in the civil society sector.

These commitments, based upon the Global Standard for CSO Accountability’s framework, form a comprehensive set of standards that support our members to live our their values and deliver on their missions to protect people and the planet.

They also form the basis upon which our Independent Review Panel assesses our members accountability through our reporting process.

Want to see how our members are advancing towards the 12 Commitments?

In addition to sharing their tools and evidence-based insights through our dialogues, workshops, peer learning groups, and more – many of our members undergo a reporting process. 

Visit our members’ profile pages to read their accountability reports and learn about their innovative tools, processes, good practices, and other resources that demonstrate their work in strengthening their accountability, particularly towards the people and communities they work for and with.

Please note: not all membership tiers have a mandatory reporting requirement – and our reporting process is available to non-member organisations on an adhoc basis.

Learn more about our membership tiers and our reporting process.

Our History

Our Founding Members

Accountable Now was founded in 2008 by civil society organisations for civil society organisations as a platform to help organisations get better impact and advance their missions of helping people and the planet. Our founding members are 10 of the largest internationally-operating civil society organisations working across international development, environmental, human rights and advocacy issues, and many remain as activie members of our community today.

Interested in joining us and working together to transform the way that accountability is practiced?