CIVICUS’ approach to environmental stewardship


What makes this practice exemplary?

CIVICUS has made improvements on their environmental practices since its last report. Their new and comprehensive Environmental Policy was put in place with detailed information on efforts to mitigate negative environmental impacts. It includes targets in the areas of energy and water, office supplies, transportation, maintenance and cleaning, and culture. Environmental awareness training is being introduced for staff in parallel with the new policy.


Further, the report notes that although convening is a central component of CIVICUS’ work and travel cannot always be avoided, efforts are made to choose meeting locations/venues with the level of greenhouse gas emissions in mind, hold alternative local and virtual events where possible, keep meetings paperless, and contribute to carbon offsetting programmes. CIVICUS’ Event Principles include a section on sustainability and minimising harm to the planet. Tracking of carbon emissions has been included as a key requirement when sourcing a new Travel Management System, to better monitor environmental footprint.  


CIVICUS provided their carbon emission data, with comprehensive reporting than in previous years – this is the reason emissions appear to have increased drastically.  

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