Episode 2: Environmental Accountability in the COVID19 Pandemic

Welcome to Accountable Now's Accountability Pill podcast - your mini dose of CSO accountability.

Now more than ever, when planning on how to build back better, our third accountability commitment, entitled ‘Healthy Planet’, is of crucial importance. It states that “we will protect the natural environment and enhance its ability to support life for future generations”. How can CSOs actually do this while fulfilling their objectives and missions, particularly considering the disruption the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the civil society sector.

In this podcast, we are joined by three guests: Anastasia Roniotes (Head Officer, MIO-ECSDE), Fouzy Mathey (Co-Founder, Yes 4 Humanity) and Kristina Naunova (CAN Europe)* who all share an insight into what it has been like for environmental CSOs to push forward the climate agenda over the past year.

*Views presented are of her own and not of the CAN Europe network.

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