A single practice that significantly reduces MIO-ECSDE’s environmental footprint


What makes this practice exemplary?

MIO-ECSDE increasingly holds Annual General Meetings (AGMs) virtually, having face to face events only every 2 or 3 years. 


Staff are encouraged to use video-conferencing (including for Board meetings and AGMs, which are now held physically only every 2-3 years). Moreover, a  thorough green events policy requires venues to apply eco-standards and provide plastic-free catering services and locally sourced food.


This is a very simple practice that reduces travel and meeting-related GHGs emissions. As an environmental organisation, MIO-ECSDE  ‘walk the talk’  and the AGM lead by example from the highest level of governance, which might encourage staff and stakeholders to reconsider face to face meetings.

What kind of organisation is this good practice useful for?

All CSOs, but especially those with an environmental focus

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