2019 CSO Accountability in Focus Reports

Innovative and responsive. These are two words to describe our member’s approaches to accountability. With years-worth of reports under our sleeves, we have been able to see the evolution and change taking place in civil society organisations: accountability is being mainstreamed and new approaches are being put into practice.


In our first ever CSO Accountability in Focus report series, we take a deeper look at four key areas where the civil society sector is advancing accountability: partnerships, the environment, stakeholder engagement and feedback & complaints to give a snapshot look at how our members are embedding Dynamic Accountability principles across their organisation. 


These short reports provide an overview of how our members – International Civil Society Organisations – have been advancing their accountability practices. Each report presents a snapshot of our members’ efforts over the past year in the areas of:

  • Partnerships
  • Environmental Practices
  • Complaint Mechanisms
  • Stakeholder engagement


These reports aim to give readers an insight into what it means to fully embed accountability practices that aim to meet these four issues. 


Our methodology: 

Each report provides an overview of strengths, challenges, and recommendations for further improvement. 


To assess members´ practices, we used all 10 full reports that were submitted in 2019. However, when it comes to complaints mechanisms, we not only used information from our reports but we also looked at every members´ mechanism through their websites. 


Each one of these Accountability in Focus reports shows an average score achieved by members to show how well they performed at fulfilling the particular accountability commitment addressed in the reports. 


Scores were drawn from the scores that our Independent Review Panel assigns to our members when reviewing their reports. Scores are awarded question by question, which allows us to assess commitments individually. 

Our members can achieve a score of up to 4: 


  • A score of 1: No policies, procedures, or other documents are provided to explain the member’s approach.
  • A score of 2: There are policies/procedures explaining the member’s approach, but there is no evidence shared to show how these work in practice.
  • A score of 3: In addition to policies/procedures explaining the member’s approach, systematic evidence has been provided to show how these work in practice.
  • A score of 4: There is evidence that the commitment has been fully embedded into the organisation’s practice.
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