Impact & Accountability


We are committed to ‘walking the talk’ and this includes being open and transparent about the way we work, how we use our resources, and the progress we are making towards meeting our goals.

Annual Reports

Audited Finances

Beginning in 2020, Accountable Now’s finances have been audited by the independent German auditing firm BRAUS BERATUNG + REVISION GmbH. Previously, Accountable Now’s finances were audited by the independent accountants of Sayer Vincent.

Below you will find Accountable Now’s Company Accounts:


Accountable Now is a legally registered charity in Germany under the name INGO International NGO Accountability Charter gUG (Registration No. HRB 212396 B). Prior to 2020, Accountable Now was a legally registered charity in the UK (Company No. 6527022).

Our Articles of Association are the constitutional basis defining Accountable Now’s scope of work which remains to be predominantly a platform  for international CSOs. The Articles govern the relationship between Accountable Now and the outside.

Board Meeting Minutes

For meeting minutes prior to 2017, please get in touch with us at

Feedback & Complaints

Accountable Now strives to operate in line with the 12 Accountability Commitments it promotes, our Code of Conduct, and our values. If there are any concerns relating to the actions of Accountable Now or its staff, or our Board of Trustees, we offer a mechanism to address these concerns. 

We welcome all kinds of feedback about our work and encourage people to submit this to us via or by filling out one of the forms below.

Please read our Feedback and Complaints policy for full information on the scope and procedures.

Feedback or complaint related to Accountable Now Secretariat activities, our reporting process or staff

Feedback or complaint related to Accountable Now's Board of Trustees

Accountable Now’s members are responsible for developing and maintaining their own feedback and complaints mechanisms and responding to any feedback or complaints received in line with their own policies. Accountable Now is not able to receive or investigate complaints against members or mediate in their resolution.   

If you have any concerns about our members’ accountability practices – internal or external – please use the member’s own feedback/complaints mechanism to raise the matter with them directly. Information about our members’ mechanisms can be found on their websites, often under their accountability or “contact us” page. If you are unable to find a member’s complaints mechanism we are happy to point you to the relevant channel. 

If, however, you have used a member’s feedback or complaints mechanism and believe that it is not functioning, you are welcome to bring this to our attention. We can flag the issue with the relevant member and take the information into account when reviewing their accountability report (specifically the sections about their complaints mechanisms). Please note that this relates only to concerns about the usability/process of the mechanism, and not the decision or outcome you received. We are not able to look into the details of specific complaints or concerns and are not in a position to review complaints if you were not satisfied with the outcome. Please read our Complaints Handling Procedure for Accountable Now Members for the full policy.

If you would like to inform us that you believe one of our member’s complaints mechanism is not working, please email us at

Please note: feedback and complaints can be left anonymously, however we will not be able to follow up.