Dynamic Accountability Dialogues


The Dynamic Accountability Dialogues series brings together national and international CSOs, funders, practitioners and other champions of accountability to discuss accountability challenges and solutions.

Through our Dynamic Accountability Dialogues series we aim to:

Share and Exchange on Dynamic Accountability Practices

by bringing together a diverse range of participants from different areas of the sector.

Collaborate on joint solutions to the challenges that the sector currently faces

by exploring how Dynamic Accountability can support the sector to meet current demands (ie. for locally-led development and power shift).

Promote Dynamic Accountability principles and practices to a wider audience

and collectively drive the social sector to be more accountable - particularily towards the people that are impacted by organisations' work.

Information and outcomes from our past Dynamic Accountability Dialogues

2023 Dynamic Accountability Dialogues: for Locally Led Development

For our Dynamic Accountability Dialogues: for Locally Led Development (held virtually May 22 - 24th 2023), Accountable Now brought together organisations, funders, foundations, and practitioners interested in advancing locally-led actions to discuss the importance of strengthening our accountability efforts to advance a kind of development that is collaborative, community-led, people-driven and equitable using Dynamic Accountability as the lever.

Dynamic Accountability underpins the ethos to our work at Accountable Now – it is an approach that is grounded in meaningful stakeholder engagement, specifically the people that we work for and with. This approach is not only about procedures; it is also about centring justice and equity, putting communities at the heart of our work, values-based decision-making, responsible leadership and much more.

Over three days, we brought together a diverse group of participants from different areas of the sector for a series of discussions on people-powered accountability during the sessions:

  • Keynote Session: Accountability and People Power in Climate Finance
  • Session 1: Dynamic Accountability in Practice
  • Session 2: What is My Role in Locally Led Development

2022 Dynamic Accountability Dialogues: Accountable Futures

Recent global events, including but not limited to the COVID-19 pandemic, have disruptive for everyone. The pandemic completely shifted the way civil society organisations (CSOs) work, showing that a different way of working is possible. At the same time, there has been a global outcry against systemic racism and colonialist practices - signalling a clear need for further inclusion and equity, feminist approaches, and accountability, among others. What we need is a power-shift. 


Accountability practices, when carried out in a horizontal, mutual, and continuous way, help organisations to redress power imbalances. Furthermore, accountability plays a huge role when it comes to tackling systemic challenges by ensuring that key values such as trust, inclusion, equity, flexibility remain at the core of organisations’ work. In this way, organisations are better placed to work towards more just and equal societies. 


To do good, organisations can no longer be reactive, they must be proactive. They must be able to understand and assess current and future challenges. Accountable Now’s Dynamic Accountability Dialogue #2: Accountable Future was an interactive workshop that brought together many organisations to identify and brainstorm on the accountability needs of organisations in 2023. 

2022 Dynamic Accountability Dialogues: from Rhetoric to Action

Accountable Now believes that to be truly accountable and to redress power imbalances where we truly work in equitable partnerships, CSOs should be driven by their values, led by promoting and fighting for the protection of human rights, ensuring that principles of do-no-harm guide their program and project work and prioritising activities by sustainability values - but more ‘radically’ by constantly questioning their ways of working and approach (how) and by becoming actively anti-racist.


For our first Dynamic Accountability Dialogues (held virtually May 23 - 25 2022) organisations, practitioners and donors came together to discuss and exchange ideas on how to continue advancing their organisational accountability in different thematic areas. Participants had the opportunity to reflect on how accountability can help tackle the different issues that CSOs are experiencing due to their inherent structures and internal dynamics.


This Peer-to-Peer meeting aimed at encouraging horizontal dialogue, sharing experiences and learning between Accountable Now Members and other CSO representatives to achieve a collective and continuous growth.


Following up on the conversations held around diversity, equity, and inclusion, we hosted a webinar 'Being Accountable: Our Different Journeys Toward Inclusiveness, Diversity, and Shifting Power' with the panelists:


  • Jean Scrimgeour (Accountability Lab)
  • Oriana Castillo (CIVICUS)
  • Andres Gomez de la Torre (CARE Intl)
  • Jay Goulden (CARE Intl)
  • Panel facilitation: by Tina Ajuonuma (the Better Org)

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