We understand that real institutional accountability is more about long-term commitment and learning than a list of perfect policies and training.

Standards and tools may be broadly applicable across and within institutions, but real change is often sparked by dedicated, internal champions, and institutional follow through.

Accountable Now’s membership offers provide organisations and their committed internal champions with the tools, resources, accompaniment, and peer advice they need to ensure the organisation’s values are lived out in practice with staff, partners, funders, and other key stakeholders.

Continue reading to learn more about our different membership tiers and offers, and the wide range of flexible, actionable tools and tailored support we can provide to organisations on their journey towards becoming more dynamically accountable – no matter their starting point.

Guess what - many of our tools and support are also available to non-member organisations and institutions.

Does your organisation need ad hoc project support - for example to undertake a strategy review process or to establish a new partnership or governance structure?

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Membership Tiers

tier 1:
full member

Full Members lead the charge in accountability excellence; shaping sector standards. They publicly share practices, receive Independent Review Panel feedback, and contribute strategically to accountability across the sector.

Through their commitments to regular, transparent reporting, application of the Global Standard for CSO accountability, and continual focus on accountability, Tier 1 members model dynamic accountability for the sector.

tier 2:
associate member

Associate Members receive comprehensive support, including accompaniment for dynamic accountability action planning, access to AN’s global community, and enjoy substantial discounts on AN offers and support.

Through their participation and engagement with AN’s support, tools, and global network, Tier 2 Members demonstrate robust commitment to dynamic accountability.

tier 3:
friends of an

Friends of AN join our community for learning, networking, and professional development opportunities. Through active participation in peer exchange, use of self-guided tools and resources, and exploration to integrate the 12 Commitments into their work, Tier 3 members signal interest in learning and growing their dynamic accountability muscles.

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What does support look like over the course of a year to members?

Joining Accountable Now means uniting with a community of like-minded practitioners who know that how we do our work is as important as what  we do. 

We offer exciting learning and peer exchange opportunities, designed by and for our members – such as our Dynamic Accountability Dialogues series, which bring together practitioners and other champions of accountability from around the world to share their insights and identify opportunities for collective action on topics such as decolonisation, gender, and climate. 

Interested in learning more? Watch the recording from our 2023 dialogues session on ‘Accountability and People Power in Climate Finance’.

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What Our Members Say:

“Reporting to Accountable Now yielded important insights into how we could enhance our accountability practices and continue to progress on our accountability journey. It helped facilitate institutional commitments for improvement and provided a framework for tracking and reporting on these commitments – in a way that mirrored the openness and transparency that we advocate for in the sector. As well, Accountable Now provided a safe space to unpack difficult accountability challenges with peers, which sounds small but was really powerful for us.”

Amy Miller Taylor, Executive Director at Global Integrity formerly Chief Strategy Officer at CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation (a founding member of Accountable Now)

“We greatly appreciate the feedback provided by the Independent Review Panel, as it allows us to maintain accountability and identify areas where we can make improvements.This self-reflective process on accountability will contribute to garnering increased support for TFCF from our stakeholders.”

Rick Chou, Chief Executive Officer at (Taiwan Fund for Children and Families)

Hear more from our members by watching our open house video

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