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The issues facing society are greater than any one organisation can tackle alone. That is why we believe in cross-sectoral, collaboration and working together to address common problems.

Accountable Now is a global membership platform committed to strengthening collaboration to maximise our collective voice and impact. We work with our members, partners, and other champions of accountability to drive transformational change.


Accountable Now is a cross-sectoral membership platform, created by CSOs for CSOs, made up of development, humanitarian, environmental, rights-based and advocacy organisations and networks.

While varied across size, geography, and sector, our members are united by a common vision for a world that is more just, equitable, & accountable.

Accountable Now is here to help its Members report against a framework of twelve Accountability Commitments, based upon the Global Standard. These form a comprehensive set of standards upon which our Independent Review Panel assesses our Members accountability.

By signing onto to our 12 Commitments, our members publicly commit to embedding a dynamic approach to accountability across all their work in order to go beyond compliance and truly create lasting positive change in the civil society sector.

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Accountability Reports

In addition to sharing their tools and evidence-based insights through our dialogues, webinars, peer learning groups – many of our members undergo a reporting process. 

Visit our members’ profile pages below to read their accountability reports and to see their innovative tools, processes, and practices in their good practices and other resources.

Please note: not all membership tiers have a mandatory reporting requirement – and our reporting process is available to non-member organisations on an adhoc basis.

Learn more about our membership tiers and our reporting process.

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