Dynamic Accountability


Everything we do is defined by our dynamic approach to accountability


What is dynamic accountability?

Dynamic accountability is a systemic, people-powered approach that goes beyond M&E, due-diligence and compliance.  For us, dynamic accountability is both a process and practice about continuous learning and improvement around a shared set of values and commitments. The dynamic approach to accountability supports organisations to live out these values and build strong partnerships grounded in two-way feedback, trust, and equity. 

It is about creating a transformational relationship between a CSO and its trusted counterparts, and it requires adapting a whole organisation’s ways of working to those counterpart’s needs. This includes redressing unequal power dynamics whereby through practicing dynamic accountability, CSOs move beyond the hierarchical accountability ladder to a more horizontal and mutual approach.

We believe this dynamic approach to accountability is necessary to truly achieve systemic change in the form of a power-shift with and outside the organisation. By centring the people and communities we work for and with in our work, they become recognised drivers of the CSO work that affects their own lives for better and more long-lasting positive change. 

Some key aspects of dynamic accountability:

Dynamic Accountability Dialogues

The Dynamic Accountability Dialogues series brings together national and international CSOs, funders, practitioners and other champions of accountability to discuss accountability challenges and solutions.

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