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At Accountable Now we believe it is time to fundamentally change approaches to accountability in the civil society sector. Accountability needs to be based on a truly global understanding and it needs to move from a passive reporting exercise to a tool that promotes active stakeholder engagement. 

This can only happen with a strong network of partners. We team up with experts from within and outside the sector and thought-leaders from across the world. We encourage all networks, organisations or individuals interested in partnering with us to advance to agenda of Dynamic Accountability to get in touch.

Membership Tiers

tier 1:
full member

Full Members lead the charge in accountability excellence; shaping sector standards. They publicly share practices, receive Independent Review Panel feedback, and contribute strategically to accountability across the sector.

Through their commitments to regular, transparent reporting, application of the Global Standard for CSO accountability, and continual focus on accountability, Tier 1 members model dynamic accountability for the sector.



tier 2:
associate member

Associate Members receive comprehensive support, including accompaniment for dynamic accountability action planning, access to AN’s global community, and enjoy substantial discounts on AN offers and support.

Through their participation and engagement with AN’s support, tools, and global network, Tier 2 Members demonstrate robust commitment to dynamic accountability.

tier 3:
friends of an

Friends of AN join our community for learning, networking, and professional development opportunities.

Through active participation in peer exchange, use of self-guided tools and resources, and exploration to integrate the 12 Commitments into their work, Tier 3 members signal interest in learning and growing their dynamic accountability muscles.

Check out our Membership Brochure and view the table below to learn about our full membership offer.

Member Benefits & Services

Were you an Accountable Now member on or before December 31st 2023? View our grandfathered fees here.

Benefits & Services
Full Member
Associate Member
Friend of AN
Unaffiliated Organisation
Dynamic Accountability Core Report -including Independent Review Panel (IRP) Feedback
30% Discount
15% Discount
EUR 3,000 - 15,000 (Sliding Scale Depending on Revenue)
Dynamic Accountability Action Planning
25% Discount
EUR 3,000 - 10,000 (sliding scale)
Dynamic Accountability Health Check
Access to Self-Guided Version or 30% Discount on Accompanied Version
EUR 5,000
Consultancy Services & Tailor-Made Trainings
3 - 5 Hours Included (30% Off Additional Hours)
2 Hours Included (30% Off Additional Hours)
15% Discount
Starting at EUR 5,000
Access to Exclusive AN and Peer Resources
Access to the Accountability Help-Desk
Access to Peer Advice Groups and Community Feedback Sessions
EUR 5,000
Events, Workshops, and Trainings
Early Registration; Free or 30% Discount
Early Registration; Free or 30% Discount
Early Registration; Free or 15% Discount
Joint Advocacy, Working, and/or Learning Groups to Advance and Support Your Work
Representation at AN's Annual General Meeting
Provide Input and Advice on AN's Strategy
EUR 5,000
Documentation, Storytelling, and Featuring of Your Work
Early Registration; Free or 30% Discount
Early Registration; Free or 30% Discount
Early Registration; Free or 15% Discount

Become part of the dynamic accountability movement and lets work together in collaboration so that:

CSOs are more valued and trusted

People and the planet are at the centre of CSO’s work

CSOs are able to deliver better, more long lasting impact

Which Membership Tier is Right for Us?

Tier 1 Members

Tier 1 members are committed to accountability excellence and learning, including through regular review and reflection and articulation of standards and best practices for the sector. 

Through reporting and action planning, Tier 1 members publicly share their practices, receive feedback from the Independent Review Panel, and continuously refine and expand their accountability mandates and practices. Tier 1 members play a unique role as strategic contributors to accountability in the sector overall.  They can become member representatives on AN’s Board and provide strategic leadership to Accountable Now. Tier 1 members benefit from all of Accountable Now’s offers, including unlimited Help Desk support and receiving 3-5 hours of tailor-made training and support from our in-house experts. 

Tier 2: Associate Members benefit from a wide range of support from Accountable now, including an organization health check upon joining, access to our help desk for up to 3 times per year, and up to 2 hours of tailor-made training or support per year from our in-house team of experts. Annual Action Planning enables Tier 2 members to look beyond the horizon in terms of their accountability practices and articulate how organizations plan to operationalize dynamic accountability across their work. Tier 2 members also benefit from steep discounts for other AN offers and support.

Tier 3: Friends of Accountable Now enjoy access to the community, networking, collaboration and peer-to-peer learning opportunities, alongside discounts for all of our other offers and support. Not only so, Tier 3 Members can use our resource library for self-guided learning, with a range of templates, guidance materials and good practice being made available. For smaller and community based organizations, contributions can be made in kind. Tier 3 members can access the helpdesk once per year, participate actively in peer to peer learning and joint advocacy in the network, and join as observers and advisers to formal member voting proceedings.

How to Join

Are you interested in embedding dynamic accountability into your organisation? If your organisation meets our requirements listed below, you can apply for membership.

If you are interested in becoming an Accountable Now Member, please contact Bao Han Tran Le at [email protected], copying in our institutional email address [email protected]. Accountable Now’s Board reviews all applications and has the final decision regarding membership.

If you are interested in learning more about our fee structure or the different ways that we support our Members, please reach out to: [email protected].

Get inspired. Check out our community of members and partners that are leading the charge on embedding dynamic accountability.