At Accountable Now, we advocate for a more dynamic and inclusive approach to accountability, one that centers and engages staff, communities, and the people who are most affected by CSOs’ actions. In our work, we provide publications and resources that give CSOs examples and guidance of how this approach is being put into practice.

Explore, use and adapt our range of resources and tools designed to support civil society organisations – and civil society at large – to practice a more dynamic approach to accountability.


Other Resources and Publications

South Asia Disaster Journal

Accountable Now co-edited several issues of the journal from the All India Disaster Mitigation Institute. The journal brings practitioners, researchers, and community leaders from around the world to explore a wide range of topics from disaster risk reduction to global health threats and how people power and accountability can address these challenges.


Dynamic Accountability: Changing approaches to CSO accountability

We practice and promote a dynamic approach to accountability, centred on continuous and meaningful dialogue with all those impacted by an organization’s work and being responsive to their feedback.

Latest Insights

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