Spotlight: Climate

In an era where climate change poses a significant threat to our health and the planet’s future, the work of Accountable Now is crucial in ensuring that organizations around the world are accountable, efficient, and committed to creating a more sustainable world for generations to come. 

“The impacts are already harming health through air pollution, disease, extreme weather events, forced displacement, food insecurity and pressures on mental health.”

Climate change is the single biggest health threat facing humanity. 

Source: WHO, 2021. 

The commitment to a "Healthy Planet" is one of the fundamental principles upheld by Accountable Now.

This commitment extends beyond mere acknowledgement the importance of environmental protection -- it calls for tangible action, responsibility, and accountability in the pursuit of a sustainable and harmonious relationship between humanity and the planet.

Addressing climate change requires coordinated efforts from governments, businesses, and civil society organizations. 

Accountable Now encourages and supports organizations to adopt best practices in terms of governance, transparency, and accountability to ensure that they are efficient, effective, and trustworthy partners in the fight against climate change.

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Climate Finance:

It is extremely important that countries, communities and people who are most likely affected by climate change are included in the decision-making processes and the climate financing mechanisms.
It is crucial to ensure that climate financing mechanisms are inclusive and accessible, in addition to transparent and accountable.