Transparency International’s
Impact Monitoring Process

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What Makes This Practice Exemplary?

Transparency International’s approach to monitoring impact for anti-corruption work is collaborative and participatory. It is designed to help the organisation gain a better understanding of what works in the fight against corruption, including why and how it works. It captures the different change processes that the Transparency International movement and more broadly the anti-corruption community are contributing to and achieving.


What makes this practice exemplary is the engagement of stakeholders throughout the process, from understanding change to validation. The process strongly encourages all stakeholders to validate the organisation’s impact claims and to challenge the organisation’s role in enabling the change achieved. 


To learn more about their approach, click here. Documents are furthermore available in English, Russian, French and Spanish. stakeholders who become involved in the organisation.

What Kind Of Organisation Is This Good Practice Useful For?​

CSOs that engage with many stakeholders in their work.

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