Preparing for a power-shift towards people and communities we work for and with: exploring new ways of working in the donor-grantee relationship

Donors and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) agree: We need to shift power towards the people we work for and with.

Increasingly local as well as international CSOs and their donors recognize the importance of implementing methods like “community engagement”, “beneficiary feedback” or “advisory committees” to be accountable to the people they work for and with (i.e. downward accountability). And as the rhetoric gradually acknowledges the need for a power-shift that gives power to communities and local partners, donors are moving away from restrictive log frames and compliance exercises towards piloting more innovative and flexible ways of working with their grantees.  This is not just because it is the right thing to do but also because it is the most reasonable if they are to ensure sustainability and effectiveness.

In our 2019 Annual Workshop we gave our participants the opportunity to discuss:

  • the importance of accountability in our sector especially in recent years
  • how the Global Standard is being used in countries such as Uganda, India, Cambodia, USA, and others. Some of our partner organisations will be sharing insights and experiences in engaging with the Global Standard.
  • relevance of the power shift for CSOs and donors working locally or in other countries.

Outcomes, takeaways, highlights

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