How can publishing to IATI be used in a meaningful way?

What is the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI)?

The IATI is a data protocol for publishing information on development cooperation activities in a timely, comparable and forward-looking manner; it is a voluntary, multi-stakeholder initiative that includes donors, partner countries and CSOs. 

How do the Charter and IATI complement one another?

Both reporting frameworks are highly beneficial in the way they complement one another and their common attempt to establish new and effective norms and standards in the fields of governance and sustainability. While IATI is a protocol to enhance the transparency and comparability of funding data, the Charter looks at the quality of the organisations which are providing these funds i.e. their good governance, effective management and compliance with CSO values such as environmental sustainability or inclusiveness. As such, both instruments are complementary – one driving transparency and comparability and the other continuous improvements in quality. 


  • Sarah Johns, Transparency Advisor, BOND
  • Craig Fagan, Head of Global Policy, Advocacy and Research Group, Transparency International 

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