Sightsavers’ approach to staff development and working environment


What makes this practice exemplary?

Sightsavers’ performance review process was updated in 2017, with a new Valuing Individual Performance system introduced. This was developed in a consultative process, and will see staff undergo formal development reviews every 12 months, with reviews conducted on a rolling basis. Sightsavers’ 2018 employee survey includes questions relating to performance management, which are hoped to provide insight into how staff engage with the new process compared to the old system.  


In terms of ensuring a safe working environment, relevant policies include global policies on Discrimination, Bullying and HarassmentPhysical Security, and Equality and Diversity. The policies appear to be comprehensive and sound,  covering  a  broad  range  of  behavior,  including  examples,  and making  clear  that  harassment  may  include  behaviours  beyond  those explicitly  stated.  Informal  as  well  as  formal  procedures  for  resolving complaints  are  outlined,  with  reference  to  the  Global Grievance and Whistleblowing policies and procedures; these state employees’ right to raise concerns without fear of retribution.


The Panel would also be interested in seeing the Code of Conduct mentioned earlier in the report, and suggests this be made available on Sightsavers’ website. 

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