Educo works with children and their communities to promote fair and equitable societies that guarantee their rights and wellbeing. Their work aims to ensure fulfilment of the Rights of the Child, as defined in the international convention that regulates them.

Accountability Reports

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Educo’s Transparent and Integrated Approach to Feedback and Complaints Mechanisms
Educo’s annual report on suggestions, complaints and commendations details how feedback was received, through what mechanisms, and evolution from previous years. It also provides some examples of the types of suggestions, complaints and commendations...
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Child participation is key to Educo’s work, from inception to evaluation
Educo’s approach is thorough, with participation worked into all stages of projects, and meaningful, adapted to context and individual needs, and with a commitment to learning and improving participatory practices. Children participate in all stages...
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Sound fundraising policies and diversification of funds underpin Educo’s strong approach to resource acquisition
Educo has a Donation Policy, a Policy for Collaborating with Companies (in Spanish), and an Investment Policy which aim to ensure that funds received do not restrict the free action of the organisation, and they work in line with the Spanish Fundraising...
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Educo’s financial statements are audited by two firms
The 2014 financial statements were audited by two auditing firms, Ernst & Young and Audalia. As a control measure, both firms had to agree on their opinion about the accounts. To date, Educo is the only NGO in Spain that uses this co-auditing system....
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Educo established its own accountability and audit division
Educo’s Internal Control Department was replaced by an Accountability and Internal Audit Division. It is committed to two main activities: fostering a culture of accountability in both internal and external processes (Accountability Department), and ensuring...
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Educo’s reporting schedule allows them to have a broader approach to accountability
The Accountability and Internal Audit Division is responsible for compiling the report. The report is compiled and disseminated in accordance with their Procedure and standards for external publications, and according to the following timeline: For this...
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Educo carries out its self-conducted performance reviews by the Board of Trustees
As established in the Code of Good Governance, the Board of Trustees commits to carrying out at least two reviews of its performance during its period of mandate, one at the halfway point and the other at the end. Likewise, Educo is currently in the process...
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Educo listens to its employees and its executive team responds
Educo has different internal communication channels to facilitate the exchange of information across the entire organisation, thus contributing to improving efficiency in their work and encouraging staff to present their feedback and complaints to management....
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