Educo’s reporting schedule allows them to have a broader approach to accountability


What makes this practice exemplary?

A comprehensive set of inputs for accountability report
The report content takes into account:

  • Monitoring with respect to the previous report: evaluation and identification of areas for improvement and commitments assumed.
  • Evaluation of the comments of the Independent Review Panel.
  • Recommendations from the General Assembly of Accountable Now.
  • Incorporation of relevant and comparable information which facilitates monitoring.
  • Results of the evaluation survey on the report.
  • Results of the focus group.

Educo’s reporting schedule
The Accountability and Internal Audit Division is responsible for compiling the report. The report is compiled and disseminated in accordance with their Procedure and standards for external publications, and according to the following timeline:

For this particular reporting year more qualitative feedback was included. The information was gathered in a systematised way through a general staff survey and focus groups, so that all program countries are reflected in the report.

After re-evaluating the format and presentation of the final document, the need to facilitate the process of compiling the report and to make this more accessible to stakeholders was identified, thus favouring its circulation. For this reason, it was decided that the full report would follow a simplified format that responds chronologically to indicators. Additionally, this would be complemented by an Executive Summary that highlights key issues presented in a more user-friendly way for stakeholders.


(*) This includes:

  1. Publication on the Educo website in Spanish, English and French
  2. Publication on the Educo intranet in Spanish, English and French
  3. Publication of a new article in the Educo blog
  4. Presentation of the full report and/or the Executive Summary to the different stakeholders
  5. Incorporation of the notification of the report’s publication in the corporate signatures

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