ChildFund Australia's Complaints Mechanisms Protect Confidentiality and Anonymity

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What Makes This Practice Exemplary?

Protecting Confidentiality and Anonymity of Those Involved in Complaints (J5)


ChildFund Australia offers confidentiality alongside the protection of a complainant and/or survivors through their complaint handling mechanisms. This is an example of good practice through the organisation’s attention to the potential consequences on an individual when reporting and making sure the support and necessary protocols are in place to protect the whistleblower.


ChildFund Australia has also implemented an external online reporting mechanism which allows whistleblowers to communicate (and discuss) their concerns anonymously. When incidents are reported, ChildFund Australia endeavours to protect the complainant’s identity, unless the complainant wishes to be identified or disclosure is required by law or is necessary to further the investigation. 


Our Independent Review Panel deemed this complaints mechanism as a measure of good practice through its dedication to protecting not only those involved in a complaint, but those reporting such a complaint or concern. This reflects on our Members as being responsible and accountable to those they aim to protect as well as stakeholders who become involved in the organisation.

What Kind Of Organisation Is This Good Practice Useful For?​

CSOs that engage with many stakeholders in their work, particularly the communities they aim to serve.

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