Take action, improve and change: how CSOs can become accountable to the environment

About the webinar: 

At Accountable Now, we ask our Members to demonstrate their commitment to all stakeholders that they work with and for. But if civil society organisations (CSOs) are to sustainably and effectively achieve their goals, accountability needs to go beyond people and organisations to include the planet and natural environment upon which we fully rely. This is why we dedicate one of our 12 accountability commitments to a ‘healthy planet’ whereby our Members aim to protect the natural environment to enhance its ability to support life for future generations.


But what does accountability towards the environment look like for a civil society organisation? How can a CSO begin its journey towards protecting the environment? To answer these questions, in this webinar, with MIO-ECSDE, we want to take a step back and get down to the basics by helping you construct an environmental policy and give tips to help improve existing environmental policies. By addressing the day-to-day and organisational activities that you may not realise have a disproportionately negative impact on the environment, your organisation can begin its journey towards fulfilling Accountable Now’s third commitment.


We will walk you through some of the basics of an environmental policy that need to be addressed, the challenges that CSOs can often face working on an international scale with limited resources and showcase some example policies from Accountable Now and MIO-ECSDE.


Get tips on how to reduce your organisation’s environmental impact! Find out more here.


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