CIVICUS' approach to an accessible mission statement and theory of change

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What makes this practice exemplary?

To enhance accessibility, transparency, and the ability for stakeholders to engage with the organisation’s overall work, CIVICUS has made a copy of their strategic plan publicly available (in 6 languages) on their website, showing their commitment to being inclusive. In addition, it further made  introductory videos available in four main languages for its members and wider civil society. 


The plan shares their vision and mission along the four strategic goals which reflect their belief that people-powered and collective action should be at the centre of transformative change. There are 4 goals:


(1) Defending Civic Freedoms & Democratic Freedoms;


(2) Strengthening the Power of People to Organise, Mobilise and Take Action;


(3) Empowering a More Accountable, Innovative and Effective Civil Society;


(4) Building a Fit for Purpose Organisation.

What kind of organisation is this good practice useful for?

All CSOs

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To learn more about this practice, visit the 2021 report by clicking the Link Below