CIVICUS include sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, location, religion, and employment status in their approach.

#Diversity #Inclusion

What makes this practice exemplary?

CIVICUS sees diversity and inclusion as a journey that civil society must embark on together, and is committed to tackling institutional structures from all perspectives. A Social Inclusion Toolkit helps CIVICUS members assess their work on inclusion beyond gender and age, and includes definitions, reflective questions, and activities. 

An internal Diversity and Inclusion Statement includes an extremely comprehensive list of factors which CIVICUS acknowledges, respects, and strives to protect against discrimination. The statement explains how each key function and section of the Secretariat commits to ensuring diversity and inclusion, and an internal Diversity and Inclusion Group strives to find solutions to challenges around gender, diversity and inclusion.

What kind of organisation is this good practice useful for?

All organisations looking to improve their approach to diversity and inclusion

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