Webinar on Women’s Rights & Gender Equality: the good practice of Article 19 and a new initiative calling for a FAIR SHARE of women in CSO leadership

On 14 March we took a closer look at Accountable Now’s second accountability commitment: Women’s rights and gender equality: the accountability commitment that encourages CSOs to hold themselves accountable and ensure there is gender equality in programming externally but also in the way organisations are run internally.

With this webinar, we give you an exclusive insight into Article 19’s Mx Method with a presentation by Judy TaingHead of Gender & Sexuality: a holistic approach to gender equality via three complementary levels: within its strategy, its operations and internal policies and practices.


Helene Wolf, Chair of the new organisation FAIR SHARE presented this newly founded organistion: in many civil society organisations 70% of the employees are women but 70% of the leaders are men. FAIR SHARE calls on all CSOs to match the percentage of women in their staff in all their diversity with the percentage of women in their leadership. Join our webinar to learn more about how this initiative came about and what is in store for 2019.




Isabelle Büchner, Project Officer, Accountable Now


Judy Taing, Head of Gender & Sexuality, Article 19


Helene Wolf, Chair, Fair Share


Catch up below to find out how you can strengthen your practices towards this commitment and learn from your peers!