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ChildFund Korea's Green Bell Initiative

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What Makes This Practice Exemplary?

The Green Bell initiative at ChildFund Korea fosters an environment where employees can openly share their opinions regarding the organization’s operational policies, guidelines, and project content. When a certain number of employees support a suggestion, either the relevant department at headquarters or a designated management staff member reviews the proposal and responds. 

Throughout 2022, a total of 54 employee opinions were submitted through the Green Bell platform. Among these, the management team addressed suggestions that garnered over 100 signatures. Consequently, several changes were implemented in their internal operating guidelines, including the introduction of an alternative holiday for the founding anniversary and the adoption of optional staggered working hours.

The practice is considered exemplary by the Panel because it provides a clear and safe channel for staff to voice their inputs and ideas, and contribute to fostering further accountability towards staff within the organisation. 

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