ChildFund Alliance’s Child-Friendly Accountability


What makes this practice exemplary?

The Child-Friendly Accountability approach aims to ensure children have safe means to participate in monitoring the performance of child protection systems and holding duty bearers accountable. Children are supported in building their knowledge, in identifying protection gaps and facilitating direct action or advocacy with their communities to address these gaps. 

Three pillars are recommended for field-level application of the Child-friendly Accountability methodology: (1) Assessment, focused on knowledge building and fostering understanding; (2) Analysis and Accountability, centered on mapping and analyzing the performance of the protection system; and (3) Action for social mobilization, advocacy and corrective action on gaps and bottlenecks identified by the children. 

Furthermore, the ChildFund Alliance has developed a Field Manual and a Toolbox, that provides further guidance and tools to effectively apply the approach.

What kind of organisation is this good practice useful for?

CSOs that work with/involve children in their work.

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