Restless Development engages young people, communities, staff, and partners across their agency and programmes


What makes this practice exemplary?

Restless Development’s strategic model is built around long-term community engagement led by volunteers. Stakeholder engagement is built into programme design, delivery and monitoring, evaluation and learning systems – young people are part of programme design teams, and work with peers and other community members on all aspects of the programme.


Within Restless Development, an annual Agency Survey ensures staff opinions feed into decision-making processes. The scores and feedback from the survey feed into an annual Directors Conference, and key decisions about priorities and focuses for the coming year are made using this data. Staff are also encouraged to grow into leadership positions; hiring decisions take into account future potential, and support and training is provided.


Restless Development also actively engages its partner organisations. Partnerships are based on a shared vision and values, mutual accountability and trust, and are participatory and inclusive. Restless Development promotes local ownership and decision making, and is committed to building the capacity and capabilities of grassroots youth organisations.

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