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CARE carried out a workshop with Senior Management Team for its accountability report
CARE International sees it as one of their Secretariat’s key responsibilities to pilot and model accountability approaches, including their engagement with Accountable Now, with the expectation that this will help promote good practice throughout the confederation.
Using accountability reporting as an organisational development process
Amnesty International’s report submission to Accountable Now is based on analysis and inputs from International Secretariat staff who have oversight over different areas of accountability. These members of staff – internally referred to as ‘Accountable Now indicator owners’ – assess performance, reflecting on the Independent Review Panel’s (IRP) feedback, movement data and their own expertise.
90% of Amnesty’s national entities provided inputs for the accountability report
Each year, every Amnesty International entity submits a Standard Action Report (SAR) containing information on their activities, campaigns, growth and accountability measures for the past year. The SAR data is collated and analysed to support global planning and measurement of the movement’s performance against stated plans.
ActionAid puts accountability at the core of everything they do
In the late 1990s ActionAid chose to be thoroughly accountable in the attitude and behaviour they expect from their staff and as a way of working which has huge transformational potential. As an organisation they have come a long way. In the continued fight against poverty and injustice and in its own attitude and behaviour, ActionAid has tried to be a role model to local governments, large multinationals and other powerful entities. They have strived to be open to feedback and criticism of their work; as ActionAid grew and gained strength globally (by having more members, supporters, resources), they recognised

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