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What data do you have on your stakeholders?

This blog article summarises some of the learnings from six pilot studies on people-powered decision making that Accountable Now and CPC Analytics have conducted with 350, BRAC, CIVICUS, Greenpeace, Restless Development and TECHO over the past eight months. Theory: Connecting dynamic accountability, feedback, and sustainable impact Before we go into describing some learnings from the pilot […]

Good Practice Example

Oxfam breaks down its reporting to the organisational scale

Oxfam specifies how its work is framed in five broad right-based aims and they also work into narrower goals, such as economic justice and essential services. Oxfam is a confederation of 17 organisations working together in more than 90 countries. All of Oxfam’s work is framed by their commitment to five broad rights-based aims: the […]

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ActionAid puts accountability at the core of the organisation and at all levels

ActionAid has implemented accountability mechanisms since the late 1990s. However, the evolution of the organisation has led to incorporate accountability principles at the local, national and international level.   A long history of accountability in ActionAid   In the late 1990s ActionAid chose to be thoroughly accountable in the attitude and behaviour they expect from […]

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CIVICUS: Accountability is a driver of quality

CIVICUS develops its five year strategy and operational plan based on their performance against the indicators of the reporting framework. CIVICUS is acutely aware of the need for civil society to consistently practice and demonstrate accountability in all endeavours. While aware of the burden which reporting puts on small civil society organisations like themselves, the […]


Social Accountability: Learning from People How to Improve

Civil society organisations (CSOs) have always used social accountability tools to hold governments to account. But what about using the same tools to let communities and stakeholders hold us, CSOs, to account? Not only will this improve services and relationships, but it will also demonstrate the high accountability standards CSOs have put to themselves. This […]

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Oxfam takes stakeholder engagement to the next level

Oxfam ‘s increasing engagement with their stakeholders at both the strategic and programme levels strengthens their advocacy efforts. Organisational change resulted in a change in stakeholder engagement modalities In the last Accountability Report they described early efforts to consider an Oxfam-wide comprehensive Stakeholder Engagement Policy. The development of this Policy was put on hold in […]

Good Practice Example

World YWCA is an organisation where young women strive

World YWCA policy requires 25% of all decision-making spaces to be filled by young women. The World YWCA is an all-female organisation. The YWCA movement focuses on women’s empowerment within a human rights framework In addition, they focus on young women and girls, as the World YWCA has a policy that young women aged 30 […]

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World YWCA ensures an accountable movement through its strategy

World YWCA strengthened their accountability framework by integrating the Accountability Commitments into their Strategic Framework. The World YWCA took major decisions to implement the Accountability Charter commitments and adopted the Strategic Framework 2016-2019. The 3rd Goal in the Strategic Framework is to build an effective, well governed, accountable and sustainable movement that has robust assets […]

Good Practice Example

World Vision empowers communities as change agents

World Vision works to empower children and their communities as change agents. World Vision’s goal is that every child has an opportunity to live a full life. To contribute to the ministry’s goal of sustained well-being of children within their families and communities (especially the most vulnerable), World Vision partners with others to empower children […]

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Terre des Hommes hires staff with accountability in their DNA

Terre des Hommes ensures during the hiring processes that accountability is part of personal values of new staff. Accountability is understood at Terre des Hommes as: ”Clear commitments in the eyes of others that have been kept”. So, as first step on the road to reinforce an accountability culture, they streamline “accountability” to carry a […]

Good Practice Example

BRAC hits the 100% goal of staff annual performance appraisal

All of BRAC’s employees receive an annual performance appraisal, which include aspects such as: objectives agreed, key achievements and challenges. Also, the senior management is evaluated by 360 degree feedback as part of their performance appraisal. All employees (100%) received an annual performance appraisal in 2015. The appraisal includes objectives agreed by staff and supervisors, […]

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BRAC invests 3.5% of their expenditures on staff capacity development

BRAC invests on the capacity development of its employees by offering trainings in its 28 residential centres and via their cooperation with over 100 faculty members from BRAC University. BRAC is committed to capacity development and professionalism of its employees and programme participants through a wide range of human development and management training. It delivers […]

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BRAC’s Ombudsperson has reactive and proactive powers

BRAC’S Ombudsperson has the mandate to receive internal and external complaints and carry out reactive and proactive investigations. BRAC established its office of the Ombudsperson with a comprehensive mandate to investigate any incident of misadministration and misuse of power within the organisation. He is independent from BRAC and can take decision independently. The office prepares […]

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ActionAid’s seven-year rule fosters “localisation” of staff

ActionAid has reduced its amount of foreign staff by less than 1% percent, through the implementation of limits in international expatriate contracts and reducing the benefits long-term expatriate staff receive. ActionAid operates through its national offices worldwide and through the IS hubs. In national offices, the majority of staff (at all levels) are local people. […]