How To Maintain “Healthy Planet” As A Cross-Cutting Value In CSOs’ Work

MIO-ECSDE and Accountable Now

Since 1973, June 5th annually has been marked as World Environment Day. Initiated by the United Nations Environment Programme, World Environment Day each year brings attention to a different environmental issues and calls for climate action. This year, the theme “Only One Planet” serves as an urgent reminder that as stewards of the planet – our home – humans must take action to protect, conserve and restore the environment.


To commerate World Environment Day, Accountable Now and the Mediterranean Information Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development (MIO-ECSDE) have put together a cheat sheet “How to Maintain ‘Healthy Planet’ as a Cross-Cutting Value in CSOs Work” that shares ways that individuals and organisations can take immediate steps to reduce their negative environmental impact.


Read and download the cheat sheet below.

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