Youth Engagement Series Part 2: Abiee Harris and Maddie Wray-Reynolds

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Global population in 2023 has surpassed 8 billion, young people (under 30) currently represent approximately 52% of the global population with this number projected to grow in the coming decades. However, young people often face barriers to representation, participation and inclusion, limiting the ability of their voices to be heard. 

In this miniseries on 'Meaningful Youth Engagement' we feature conversations with young people speaking to young people about what meaningful engagement means to them, the barriers and challenges they face, and how organisations can support young people to thrive.

Part 2: Abiee Harris and Maddie Wray-Reynolds

(Youth Voice and Participation team, Girlguiding SWE)

As part of the newly formed Youth Voice and Participation Team at Girlguiding South West England, Abiee Harris and Maddie Wrey-Reynolds discuss future plans for enabling young people’s participation in decision making processes, and the need to engage young people by meeting them where they are.

Learn more: GirlGuiding South West England.

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