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As CSOs we claim to work primarily for our key stakeholders. While business wants to generate shareholder value, we seek to create stakeholder value. But do we sufficiently live up to this promise of putting stakeholders first in all we do? Do we really offer key stakeholders the opportunity to actively and continuously engage and determine the outcome of our activities for the better?


A culture of stakeholder engagement is crucial

Devising policies and processes is an important first step; however, it will only bear fruit when meaningful stakeholder engagement at all stages of work is deeply embedded in organisational culture. 



  • Tripti Rai, Monitoring and Evaluation Adviser, ActionAid International 
  • Almandina Guma, Regional Programme Development Advisor, SOS Children’s Villages (Albania) 
  • Salimane Issifou, National Director, SOS Villages d’Enfants Bénin


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