Social Accountability: Learning from People How to Improve

Civil society organisations (CSOs) have always used social accountability tools to hold governments to account. But what about using the same tools to let communities and stakeholders hold us, CSOs, to account? Not only will this improve services and relationships, but it will also demonstrate the high accountability standards CSOs have put to themselves. This webinar shares the insights of CARE International UK and Action Aid.

CARE International UK talks about their use of the Constituency Voice model, which was originally developed by Keystone Accountability, to improve relationships with the least powerful stakeholders in CARE’s programmes, improve programme efficiency, effectiveness and impact and track evidence of programme progress towards key outcomes.

Action Aid presents how participatory processes, such as the Participatory Review and Reflection Process and Social Audits, have contributed to enhancing mutual accountability to communities.


  • Gilbert Muyumbu, Governance and Accountability Advisor, CARE International UK
  • Tufail Ahmed, Organisational Effectiveness Coordinator, ActionAid Pakistan

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Watch the webinar below or download the presentations by CARE International UK and Action Aid Pakistan.

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