New approaches to M&E: From Theory of Change to Impact Measurement

How can we best determine what works and learn from our projects? The way we approach Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is an important piece in the puzzle for being an accountable Civil Society Organisation (CSO). Practicing what we call Dynamic Accountability – being responsive to all our stakeholders and actively involving them in decision-making – can start with the development of our Theory of Change. In this webinar, Martin H. Klein from Changeroo talks about ways of co-creating Theories of Change together with your stakeholders and present these in an interactive and engaging way.


Another important topic we would like to discuss is impact measurement. How do we meaningfully measure our own impact? Tris Lumley from New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) presents on how they support organisations of all shapes and sizes to develop a realistic and flexible approach to impact measurement.



  • Martin H. Klein, Chief Changemaker, Changeroo
  • Tris Lumley, Director of Innovation and Development, NPC


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