Strengthening Safeguarding During Times of COVID-19: Oxfam International

Accountable Now in conversation with Oxfam’s Jennifer Emond (Senior Advisor for Safeguarding): with one year into implementing a new Safeguarding and Culture Plan, what progress has been made and what steps have been taken to adapt to the pandemic and lockdown?

About the webinar: 

During 2018, many International Civil Society Organisations (ICSOs) faced a crisis. Media reports uncovered how organisations were not living up to transparent and accountable standards, particularly when it came to safeguarding. Oxfam has been under the spotlight since its safeguarding crisis came to light. This situation is unfortunately not unique for ICSOs, but Oxfam’s response to the crisis is notable. They have shown how ICSOs can significantly change their practices to become more transparent and responsive to safeguarding incidents.

A two-year Safeguarding and Culture Plan that aims to improve and strengthen the organisation’s approach to safeguarding is being implemented across the international federation, and a new report by Oxfam has been published, which goes into detail on the progress that is being made. We want to go deeper in understanding why Oxfam took these steps to address safeguarding issues, the effect this approach has had upon the organisation and how the COVID-19 pandemic has shaped the future of this plan. 


What will we address: 

In this webinar, we will directly hear the outcomes described in the report from Oxfam and get to know their Case Management System which helps the organisation become more transparent as they fight fraud, corruption and safeguarding issues across the federation. This is also a chance for members, partners and other CSOs/INGOs to understand what steps can be taken to maintain safeguarding standards during the pandemic and consequent lockdowns experienced around the world. We will dedicate time at the end of the presentation for a Q&A.

This webinar is currently not available.