How to address failures and spark a cultural shift in your organisation

Failure is the f-word in international development, yet a reality we all must face. Civil society Organisations often work in failed environments and yet we expect success 100% of the time. But if you read our project reports, we have “uneven successes”, “lessons learned”, and every other euphemism we can imagine just to keep from saying one simple word: failure. In 2016 World Vision launched its first Partnership-wide ‘Fail Fest: Celebrating Learning Champions’, a virtual event that involved all parts of the organisation and enabled open sharing of failure as a basis for learning. This becoming an annual event is contributing to the cultural shifts in World Vision’s strategy of being more humble in their need to learn and more honest in sharing those learnings with their colleagues. Sarah Crass is organising these events within World Vision and will share her experiences on how you can spark this cultural shift.



  • Sarah Crass, Knowledge Management Advisor, World Vision


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