How good is Accountable Now Members’ accountability performance compared to other CSOs?

About the webinar: 

Accountable Now is one of the world’s most widely used comprehensive accountability frameworks, signed by a number of the largest ICSOs across our sector. Collectively our Members commit to high standards of operational excellence, transparency and accountability and a continuous effort to improve them. To fulfil on this promise we designed a comparative study with the direct impact group to better understand how good Accountable Now Members’ performance is overall and in comparison to others in the sector. 20 Member Organisations plus 20 comparable CSO peers have been assessed on a scale from 0-3 in regard to five areas of accountability: transparency, participation, impact focus, responsible advocacy and sound financial management. The direct impact group conducted desk research, systematic interviews, as well as reality checks and this webinar discussed the main observations. Furthermore, some recommendations to drive continuous improvement in the field of CSO accountability were presented.



  • Markus Hesse, Managing Partner, Direct Impact Group Europe
  • Guna Fernandez, Associate Partner, Direct Impact Group India


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