Equity, diversity, and inclusion – How to identify areas of risk in your organisation

About the webinar: 

Organisations have a duty to provide a safe, respectful, and inclusive working environment. We try, but power abuses, discrimination, and harassment sadly still do happen. Despite our best efforts, safeguarding and whistleblowing policies are not effective at unearthing repeated and systemic issues relating to equity, diversity, and inclusion. Keystone Accountability offers a confidential, independently operated survey that enables organisations to see where such issues are occurring. This survey provides data on the perceptions and experiences of your colleagues as well as highlights their suggestions for strengthening your working culture. Disaggregation of the results allows you to understand which groups feel most vulnerable, when particular issues are most likely to arise, and where people feel safe, valued, and productive.



  • Natalia Kiryttopouloiu, Senior Consultant, Keystone Accountability


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