Digital connectivity as a game changer: How to adapt our accountability practices to the digital age?

Digital connectivity as a game changer

Digital connectivity has not only accompanied technological developments but has also heightened people’s expectations about higher degrees of engagement. Together with the Digital Accountability , the Charter developed the which includes succinct questions that measure organisational responsiveness to the digital age. The tool intends to prompt and trigger the right conversations within organisations.


Amnesty International: Being an accountable human rights movement in the digital age

The questions posed by the digital age are similar for all CSOs but the answers are different based on the type of each organisation. The question for Amnesty International (AI) is how to make use of the digital age to accomplish what they do in a much more effective way. By operating like a platform, AI becomes more accountable to communities.


There are three levels of change to adopt the platform model within AI: (1) top-down strategic level, (2) bottom-up innovation and (3) middle level practices. This shifting mind-set does not only affect online campaigning work but also offline work which generates more trust from communities.



  • Karenina Schröder, Executive Director, INGO Accountability Charter
  • Maro Pantazidou, Learning and Accountability Lead Adviser, Amnesty International


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