CSO Accountability: Why and how should CSOs effectively engage stakeholders to increase their impact?

Following on from the webinar on CSO Accountability: A people-driven approach to increase trust and impact hosted by the GPSA Knowledge Platform, in this webinar we will dive deeper into a key aspect of CSO accountability: stakeholder engagement. By involving stakeholders in various aspects of programmes, strategy and advocacy, from planning and decision-making to implementation and monitoring, CSOs are able to increase buy-in and achieve better, more sustainable impact. Accountable Now and CBM International will talk about why stakeholder engagement is important, how to go about it by facing some common challenges and sharing best practices. 



Ezgi Akarsu, Programme Manager, Accountable Now

Mary Keogh, Director of Disability Inclusive Development Initiative, CBM

Kathy Al Ju’beh, Senior Advisor for Inclusive Development, CBM


Catch up below!

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