Accountable Now and the 12 Commitments – Justice & Equality with Matt Beard, All Out

About the webinar: 

Civil society organisations aim to work towards creating a more inclusive society by attempting to influence behaviours, cultures and systems. Accountable Now’s first accountability commitment, Justice and Equality, acknowledges the duty that we hold to people, especially those most marginalised, as well as the responsibility to address injustice, exclusion, inequality and violence. While engaging with our stakeholders, we as CSOs, also have the responsibility to assess the risks people face when engaging with us and to help develop strategies to prevent or mitigate any further harm.


In this webinar, Accountable Now presented what exactly our commitment on Justice and Equality entails and the different examples of how practicing it can look like.  For this purpose we invited the LGBT+ rights organisation All Out.


All Out shared with us how they stay true to their commitment to “Justice and Equality” in their advocacy work with local partners.  Within their 2016-2019 strategy, they posed themselves the goal of ensuring that grassroots LGBT activists have the capabilities, capacity, technology and available audience to achieve impact. Their strategies aim to create safe and effective campaigns in repressive environments for LGBT+ people.



Matt Beard, Executive Director, All Out

Erika Baranda, Project Coordinator, Accountable Now


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Your feedback, our response:

‘Thanks a lot for the webinar yesterday. Can let us know when you have the recording available so that our regional accountability officer can share it with our teams in Asia. On that note, we also wondered whether you have considered doing the webinars at different times (e.g. sometimes in the morning), so that colleagues in other time zones can sometimes participate? In our case, some colleagues from Asia would be interested, especially since the webinars are in English.’

We will make sure future webinars are set at more diverse times so that we can reach different audiences around the world. 


‘The webinar is short which is better for easy recall. But it would be better to have more details especially presenting them through slides, it will help the attendees understand better.’


We will ask future presenters to provide more detailed slides in the future, accompanied with detailed explanations.


‘I liked that I could hear about the advocacy actions.’


Thank you! Keep an eye out for our webinar on advocating for fundamental change, in June. 

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