December 13, 2018

Strong accountability principles and practices are essential for civil society organisations’ legitimacy, the quality of our work and to maintain the trust we depend on. 

Our accountability commitments are at the core of what we regard as good practice in CSO accountability and form the value basis of Accountable Now. All members have signed these 12 Accountability Commitments and seek to respect and promote them. Wherever we operate, we seek to ensure that the high standards which we demand of others are also respected in our own organisations.  

But what does this mean in practice? In our 2019 webinar series we will lead you through the year with good practice examples of how organisations translate these commitments into actions. Get inspired and discuss with your peers which experiences you have made in your organisations and what you can learn from others. 

Sign up now to get a reminder all year for our 12 webinars. Please find below a tentative schedule of when which of our commitments will be discussed. 

20 Feb Commitment 1. Justice & Equality
6 MarCommitment 2. Gender Equality
24 AprCommitment 9. Empowered and effective staff & volunteer
15 MayCommitment 6. Strong partnerships
5 JunCommitment 3. Healthy Planet
19 JunCommitment 7. Advocating for fundamental change
18 JulCommitment 12. Responsible Leadership

12 AugCommitment 5. People driven work
5 SepCommitment 8. Open organisation
17 OctCommitment 4. Lasting positive change
20 NovCommitment 11. Responsive decision-making
9 DecCommitment 10. Well-handled Resources

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