Dynamic Accountability Dialogues Outpost (Part 2): Dynamic Accountability in Practice

Dynamic Accountability Dialogues Oupost (Part 2) :Dynamic Accountability in Practice SHARE THIS ARTICLE BACK TO INSIGHTS Locally led development is a growing discourse within the global development sector, recognising the power of communities to shape their own futures. But this approach requires rethinking the way CSOs and their stakeholders interact – what we call accountability. […]

Testing the Resilient Roots Hypothesis

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Testing the Resilient Roots Hypothesis By CIVICUS and Accountable Now September 18, 2020 The Resilient Roots initiative tests whether organisations who are more accountable and responsive to their roots – namely, their primary constituents – are more resilient against external threats. The initiative is coordinated by CIVICUS and funded by the Ford Foundation. Technical and strategic support is […]

Turning data-driven accountability into meaningful action for civil society

*All views and statements represent those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of Accountable Now.     Are we representing and amplifying the right voices? Are our programmes and campaigns geographically inclusive? How can we support our vision with actual data in order to make good strategic decisions? These are some of the […]

Creating change with, not for, people

This blog was first published on Feedback Labs with the support of Feedback Labs’ Collaboration Fund. With the arrival of digital players like Facebook, Airbnb or Wikipedia, people’s expectation of how to engage with institutions has fundamentally changed. No longer are they content to just receive the occasional report or letter to be informed after things have already happened. Today’s […]