Measuring CSOs Impact (and surviving to tell about it in a blog!)

SHARE THIS ARTICLE BACK TO INSIGHTS Impact measurement for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) should be focused on answering a crucial question: Are the CSOs making progress towards achieving their missions? Readers familiar with the sector would immediately think of missions such as ‘eradicate poverty’, ‘universal education for children’, ‘defense of human rights’, or ‘ensure the […]

Thinking about how to measure your organisation’s accountability? …then read on, because this blog post is for you!

*All views and statements represent those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of Accountable Now.   This blog was originally published by CIVICUS.     The Resilient Roots Accountability Initiative is working with 15 partners to help them design and rollout year-long accountability projects and document the factors which seem to help boost or hinder their […]