SOS Children’s Villages involves senior leadership in their accountability reporting process

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What makes this practice exemplary?

The compilation and development of SOS Children’s Villages Accountability Report has been conducted following a clearly defined process, which is reviewed and refined after each process cycle. The process is based on broad involvement throughout the General Secretariat (GSC) with respective experts providing input. As in past years, the Management Team provided key guidance for preparing this report and oversaw the progress and final outcome, thus also providing a formal internal approval of the report and its contents. The Independent Review Panel’s feedback is discussed with the Management Team, who then decide on actions that serve to further strengthen their accountability practices in the future. Thus, the process triggers strategic discussions and decisions which are integrated in their planning.


The process contains clear communication and awareness-raising steps:


  • The CEO shares the report and the panel feedback with the Management Team and the President
  • The report and the panel feedback are published on the global intranet as well as on the external website. Staff members from the whole federation are invited to provide their feedback and comments. When publishing the reports in the last years, some GSC and member associations (MAs) staff commented on the importance of further strengthening accountability.
  • Panel feedback is discussed in the relevant expert areas.
  • Relevant information on INGO Accountability Charter webinars or new developments are shared within the organisation.


This process also triggers discussions on their communications policies and review of how they can communicate even more transparently and thereby improve internal and external accountability. They have worked on further improving external transparency via the international website, and recent developments include for example new reporting forms for feedback and complaints and child safety incidents.


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