Plan International creates meaningful learning processes for its staff directly applicable to their work

Plan International offers several learning and development programmes, which can offer a formal certification process through Plan Academy. The process includes individual self-assessment and line manager review of progress after 4 weeks, to confirm that the learner has been able to transfer the knowledge to the workplace.  

One of their most important programmes is Plan Certificate in Management (PCIM), which an 18-month online programme and a face-to-face workshop. All participants go through a 360 review at the beginning and at the end of the programme to evaluate the progress, as well as identifying future learning focus.  

Our Independent Review Panel (IRP) commends the certification process and the PCIM, since they include meaningful processes of ensuring participants can apply their learning to their direct areas of work. Both programmes allow participants to identify growth needs which should be addressed throughout the completion of the courses.  

However, the IRP would be interested in understanding better in which instances has it work and which has it not, given that Plan International reports that only 27% of staff who completed courses on Plan Academy were awarded certificates.  

Accountability Report

Read more about this Good Practice in their accountability report

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