For CIVICUS, accountability is a driver of quality


What makes this practice exemplary?

CIVICUS is acutely aware of the need for civil society to consistently practice and demonstrate accountability in all endeavours. While aware of the burden which reporting puts on small civil society organisations like themselves, the reporting framework nevertheless allows them to take stock of their performance against set indicators, using a widely recognised and trusted format. This challenges CSOs to think about the various components of what they do and allows them to reflect on their successes and failures.


Reporting to Accountable Now gives CIVICUS the chance to consider the importance of sustainability to their organisation and strategy. In 2013,  a new five year strategy was launched, authored by CIVICUS’ Board of Directors in consultation with members, and their five year operational plan. In both, it is reinforced the importance of building the long-term platforms which can enable the work of the CIVICUS alliance.


Working better with  membership and broader constituency is absolutely central – from programming and advocacy to governance and ways of working. But so too is making sure that they have the best financial, IT, communications, knowledge management and impact planning systems, a balanced and talented labour force, and the right organisational culture and ethics in place. The annual accountability report allows CIVICUS to show where they are now on each of these fronts, as they embark on a journey over the next five years.

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