CFNZ's Road Map approach helps them to develop partnerships based on mutuality and sustainability

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What makes this practice exemplary?

ChildFund New Zealand’s Road Map approach is their preferred approach to building partnerships within communities. Their aim is to ensure that development work does not create long-term dependencies and so this Road Map approach focuses on strengthening localisation and self-reliance. 

By including a wide range of stakeholders from the community level, CFNZ works with local partners to plan, create goals and lead activities that strengthen local organisations and build capacity across a 5-10 year period. Developing a close relationship with local partners is key to building trust and ensuring that the Road Map approach is being fulfilled to a point where CFNZ can scale back their support to the community. 

All information from this process is captured, published and shared within the community, increasing accountability and transparency. 

To find out more about this process, how it is designed and implemented, check out CFNZ’s Road Mapping Guidebook.

What kind of organisation is this good practice useful for?

Organisations working on development projects at the community level

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