ChildFund New Zealand’s Road Map approach to sustainable outcomes

ChildFund New Zealand’s Road Map approach to sustainable outcomes

Communities lead the way in planning a schedule of projects that will increase their self-reliance and pave the way for ChildFund NZ to scale back their support.

What is the practice and why is it exemplary?

ChildFund New Zealand’s work is built on partnerships with local organisations and establishing close relationships with the communities they work in. The Road Map approach supports communities in becoming self-reliant, as they create 5-10 year plans which work towards a point where ChildFund NZ can scale back their support to the community. The community creates a schedule of projects to work towards a long-term goal, plans expected costs, and drives implementation. The Road Maps capture all this information, and are published within the community to increase transparency and accountability. 

ChildFund NZ has created a Road Mapping Guidebook which details the purpose and process of the approach.

How to further strengthen it?

It isn’t entirely clear to what degree the Road Maps are owned and driven by the community in general, as opposed to the lead local programme partner. More information on this would provide a better understanding.

More information can be found in ChildFund NZ’s  2018 accountability report, pg. 11.

Accountability Report

Read more about this Good Practice in their accountability report

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