Amnesty puts accountability high on their internal agenda

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What makes this practice exemplary?

Amnesty International’s report submission to Accountable Now is based on analysis and inputs from International Secretariat staff and from their national entity reporting mechanisms (Standard Action Reports and Core Standards). One Senior Director is responsible for each key accountability area of improvement, as identified in the 2014 feedback from the Independent Review Panel (participation, gender, anti-corruption, governance). The Senior Directors discuss updates twice a year (linked to the Panel’s feedback and the analysis of internal global reporting).

Key messages from the last feedback provided by the Independent Review Panel to Amnesty International were used in the State of the Movement report for the International Council Meeting (ICM) in 2015 and the lessons resulting from the internal accountability reporting were distributed to the entire movement through online platforms and offline gatherings. Issues of participation, gender, diversity and coordination with other actors were streamlined in all key organisational processes (Planning and Minimum Standards for project development, Impact and Learning System).

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